The last day of June

Life Design - My Journey to Higher GroundIt is the last day of June; I have been climbing to Higher Ground for 30 days now.  Have I made it a little higher?  I wonder…

My stepping stones are nature, simplicity and gratitude;  cemented together by God’s Love and Peace.

The beginning of June, I began with Simplicity by eliminating tolerations.  My first go-through went very well; got rid of alot of “stuff.”  Somehow, though, tolerations have a life of their own, and continue to pop up again.  That’s OK.  Simplicity is not as simple as I thought it would be; I have discovered that it is a process, rather than a goal.

Next, was Nature; eating locally, sustainable foods, choosing foods that are grown within 100 miles of where we live. I am still discovering WHAT foods are grown within 100 miles, but this really has been an adventure! …and I LOVE adventures!

The final “stone” I have worked on is Gratitude.  I truly am grateful for the sunrise and sunset; and “life” in between…Tomorrow, July 1st I begin my Gratitude Journal.

What else will July bring, as I climb a little higher? 

How was YOUR month of June?  How did YOU climb “a little higher?”  What will July bring for YOU?

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