100 miles on Wednesdays

Life Design - My Journey to Higher GroundToday is my first Wednesday on the 100 mile diet.  I had decided to just eat the veggies from our home garden…Early this morning I picked tomatoes, zucchini, kale, cucumbers, and one smallish carrot.

Although I had decided to just eat these vegetables, we do have a local farmer with beautiful chicken eggs.  Why not!  An omelet for breakfast; hard boiled eggs on a veggie salad for lunch; don’t know about dinner yet.  Maybe gazpacho?

I need to find some local grains.  Sure wish quinoa was grown locally!  I wonder???  It is so easy to cook, and I have so many recipes for it!  Salads, soups, side dishes, and even desserts!

Maybe next year I can grow it myself?

How are YOU doing on YOUR 100 mile diet?  What foods are YOU able to find?  What are YOU looking for?

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