There is a God!

Life Design - My Journey to Higher GroundEver wonder if there really is a God?  I think, at times, we may all have…

I now have proof, through the eyes of my six year old grandson, Jimmy:

Jimmy’s latest topic of conversation has been “how we know there is a God.”  This is how our conversation went:

Jimmy: “Gramma, I know there is a God, because you told me so and you always tell me the truth.  And, Gramma, I know how YOU know there is a God.”

Me: “How do I know, Jimmy?”

Jimmy: “Because when your mommy died, after she got to heaven, she climbed up on top of the highest cloud she could find and yelled down, “Hey Jannie!  I know there is a God because I just saw Him with my own two eyes!”

Me: ~tears and a hug~

Thats how we know…

~with tears and a hug~
My mommy’s Jannie

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