A New Year :)

Today is January 1st.  To me, the first day of a new year is so full of possibilities, I don’t know where to begin!
I think I shall begin by sharing my goals with you.

Since my “crash and burn” trail run, last September, most of my running has been either on an underwater treadmill or an anti-gravity treadmill (to protect my cracked/broken ribs from impact.)  They are both great fun and served their pupose, but I am ready to get out and do “the real thing.”

My goal is to run a half-marathon in either late April (a Poto trail run) or June1, the Dexter-Ann Arbor run.  My trainer, Jeff, commented that if I do another trail run, he is packing me in air-bags…(He was just kidding; I think…:))

Being the Sports Dietitian for The Running Institute, a training group for elite and Olympic runners; and being that they have asked me to run with them…and I said, “of course” (what was I thinking…) I need to get a plan in place for my training! A plan in place to optimize my nutrition.

That will be my goal for the next few days-A PLAN. 

What are YOUR goals for 2011? Do YOU have a plan?  Join me, please, as we “plan” together, “eat” together, and maybe even run together.

Stay tuned, as we achieve our goals together.

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