Triathlon~Here I Come!

Last Wednesday I volunteered at Running Fit’s T-REX Triathlon.  Not only did I LOVE helping the athletes, but I became DETERMINED to compete again next year!

It has been a few years since I competed; had a lump surgically removed from a muscle in my leg and lost a whole year of summer; the following year, had wrist surgery to mend a shredded tendon~there went that summer too…

But, now I am b-a-c-k!  I am going into “maniac mode” and figuring out what I need to do between now and next summer!

~What will be my times for the swim; bike; run???
~What is my ultimate goal??
~What will it take to train for those times???

Can’t wait to share my plan with YOU!

What are your plans?  Your goals?  I would love for you to share them with US!

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I will be watching my inbox for YOUR plan.  🙂 🙂 🙂

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