My triathlon plan

In my last post I shared with you my excitment to get back into triathlon training.
I posed these questions to myself and to you:
1. What will be my (your) times for swim, bike and run?
2. What is my (your) ultimate goal?
3. What will it take (us) to train for those goals?

After much pondering and some reading, this is what I have decided:

For a Sprint distance which is a half mile swim, 12 mile bike and 5K run , the times will be:
Swim: 20 minutes
Bike:  45 minutes
Run:  35 minutes.

This puts my ultimate goal for THIS distance at 100 minutes.

The run will be easy at this pace~except that it comes as the last discipline…
I have just a plain old regular bicycle now and do not use biking shoes~I will need to bike at 17mph.  right now I typically ride at 14mph. So, this is going to take some work.
The swim will need the most work; in triathlons past, I have come in LAST in the swim!  In fact, in one tri, I was neck-in-neck with someone to come in last; HE BEAT ME, AND HE WAS BLIND!

My Plan? Here it is:

As I am already  training to run Boston,  I will just continue with my Running Fit 501 group.
The bike?  Hmmm…bike shoes scare me.  I can take tumbles off my bike without them; but I am going to check them out anyway.
The swim?  I will re-join our local gym that has a great pool and a really great swim coach!

This is my simple plan; I need to add my monthly and weekly goals.  And…since today is Sept. 1st,  it is the perfect time to figure these out!

Is the sprint distance tri my ultimate, ultimate goal?  Heck no! Just watch me  🙂 🙂 🙂

How are YOU doing with YOUR plans?

We would LOVE to encourage you in them!



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