Woodstock Run

A few week-ends ago, I ran Woodstock at Hell Creek Ranch, Pinckney, Mi.  It is probably my most favorite race of the year!

You can choose distances that range between a 5K and a 100 mile race.  I chose the 5 mile (and I’ll bet you thought I was going to say 100 mile…)  🙂
The 100 mile is absolutely fascinating to me; there were 125 participants and 65 finishers.  The runners begin on Friday afternoon and have 30 hours to complete the 100 miles.  It is a 16+ mile loop and as they complete each loop there is food and places to leave your extra gear i.e. dry shoes and socks.

The first runner came in at 18 hours, 10 minutes. The last came in at 29 hours 30 Path: pminutes
When I grow up I want to be just like them 🙂

But, for now, since I am not “grown up” and surely not like them…I continue with my own goal.

The swim:  This week I begin with my swim coach.
The bike: With the diminishing daylight, I need to find a cycling group  There are a few at the gym I belong to; just need to find one that fits into my life~or…fit my life into one of them.
The run:  Running in the dark is OK.  I have a headlamp and reflective gear…and actually enjoy running in the morning darkness as I see the light coming over the horizon followed by the sunrise. 🙂 🙂 🙂

How are you doing with YOUR goals??  As some of you have emailed me, I would love to share them with everyone~but ONLY with your permission!  What do you say?



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