Metabolic Efficiency Training

I am soooo excited!  Just returned from Denver, where I attended the Metabolic Efficiency Training Workshop  developed, created and taught by the expert Bob Seebohar, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS.

Metabolic Efficiency, for athletes, is simply a way to teach our bodies to burn more fat and less carbohydrates!  The bottom line is that we will conserve carbohydrates, requiring less intake and, therefore,  reducing the likelihood of GI distress!

Ever had GI distress on a swim, bike or run??? Chances are you have! so…read on…

I will be testing this new way of eating on myself, and then teaching it to my athletes. It only seems right that I can teach not only the principles involved, but personal experience also.

Interested in learning more about MET?  Of course, you are 🙂
Check out Bob’s work at http://

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