MORE Empty Space?


My “space” filled up quickly from my last post. I became busy again with swimming, biking, running and  training for everything I could think of.  That, plus teaching, being a wife, mom, gramma and great gramma…

Well, I am now typing this post with one finger (instead of two) as I ran last Saturday, slipped on black ice and broke my arm!  And…I am now “blest” with more empty space.

Spring began two days ago; I am ever so thankful of that!  We are all anxious to see signs of Spring; the daffodils poking their sweet little heads through the soil, birds chirping at sunrise and the days getting longer.  So far, the only sign of Spring is that the days are getting longer.  Oh yes, and I have two ants crawling around on my kitchen counter…another sure sign that Spring is here.  🙂

Back to my “empty space.” I shall fill it up with Spring! Spring cleaning pops in my head; closets that need the winter clothes removed and fresh spring clothes to replace them. Drawers to be sorted through; the pantry to be purged; the bed mattress turned; you get the picture and now I do too!  😉

I will not be able to swim or bike for a while, but I am running a bit on an indoor track.
Somehow, I am certain my empty space will fill up again…but, I pray that it will be filled up wisely this time.

Please Jesus, fill it with your will for my life.

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