Thank you!

Thank you, so much, for all of the emails I received encouraging me and asking me to encourage you!
My trek continues…to discover where God is leading me…the path He wants me to travel (with Him, of course…)  and I am becoming more and more excited about this path!

The details are not clear to me, and I ask God to clarify His Will.
What I am seeing, is that I need to:
1. Find my place in our church (St. Paul Lutheran Church in Hamburg, Michigan.)
We worship there faithfully and support many programs; I find a “need” though to                        discover my “calling” in that place.

2.  To re-visit my health concerns and create a plan.
My goals are to:
a. Lose 10 pounds
b. To have tight control over my blood glucose
c. To create a new and improved exercise/work-out plan to support                                                         my next goal which is~

3. To train and compete in races and triathlons this coming year and kick my performance                “up a notch!”  In order to do this, I need to:
a. List the races and triathlons that I plan to compete in
b. Create my work-out plan that incorporates those who will                                                                     support me mentally, physically and Spiritually!

What does YOUR plan look like?  I would love to hear from you and support you as you travel down YOUR path!


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