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“Inspiring, educating and supporting athletes (like you) to exceed your personal best.”

sports nutritionist Janet SimpsomHi!  I am  Janet Simpson.

I am a Registered Dietitian, an educator at Eastern Michigan University, a Sports Nutritionist, Life Coach and most importantly, a devoted Daughter, Wife, Mom, Gramma, Great Gramma, runner AND TRIATHLETE!

I love “Wellness”: Our Body, Mind and Spirit connected. While it is true that “we are what we eat”, it is also true that there are many non-dietary requirements for a wholly nourished life. My education, experience and coach training helps me work with athletes, (like you), who want to live the life they  were MEANT to live… A focus that inspired my title of “Dream Achiever Coach”.

Achieve YOUR dream of living an active, Nourished life.

Through “Nourishing Athletes” I help athletes fuel their bodies as well as their minds and spirits so they may LIVE life as the great, exciting adventure that it is!

If you want to know more about me, my work and why I created Nourishing Athletes™, please read on…

I married my childhood sweetheart, Chuck, when I was 21. Our family grew rapidly, with 3 children arriving in the course of 4 years. A stay-at-home Mom, I was active in community, church and volunteer work. I enjoyed preparing meals for church functions, shut-ins and social gatherings, which led me to begin a small catering business.

Life took an unexpected turn when a car accident/miracle changed everything.

My lengthy recovery period gave me time to re-evaluate my life, review my achievements, my dreams and appreciate being alive! I truly understood that God had a greater purpose for my life.

While my children were at home, I took a few college classes and found that I loved education. After they grew up, and I was able to devote more time to studying, we all went to college together!

My first degree was in Mental Health/Social Work. It was an excellent education and it taught me that social work was “not for me”.

I had always dreamed of being a Registered Dietitian but was afraid of the chemistry aspect. After (barely) surviving my first chemistry class, I gained the confidence I needed to continue and complete my BS in Dietetics and my MS in Human Nutrition.

Although I am not particularly athletic, my pursuit of total wellness eventually led me to compete in my first triathlon as my as my friends and family cheered me on.

sports nutrition athletesMy journey towards becoming a triathlete began quite innocently when I went to Honolulu to walk a fund-raising marathon.  I trained and participated and shared this most wonderful experience with a dietitian friend, Judy, and my husband, (who didn’t train for the event and learned why he should have!).  I continued working with my wonderful personal trainer a year later, when asked on New Year’s Eve about my goals for the coming year, I blurted out that I would like to compete in a triathlon (what was I thinking…).  Everyone thought it was a grand idea, including my trainer who helped me choose an event and began putting me on a schedule to achieve my new goal. (You can read about my training here.)

On August 21, 2005, I achieved the goals I had set almost nine months earlier.  I successfully completed the Island Lake Triathlon and I didn’t come in last!  I have to confess, My time could have been better. I was told that I spent a bit too much time chatting with my supporters and hugging my grandbaby as I was “competing”, but I would not have changed a minute of it! .

While training for and participating in the triathlon, there was a consistent theme of conversation among the other triathletes; “not enough time, not enough life balance, not enough info about nutrition,” (get the picture?)

With these conversations tugging at my heart and speaking to my soul and with the help of my excellent web developer (Kathy at Virtual Impax) Nourishing Athletes gave birth to a blog that will nourish the wholeness of an athlete.

I am an enthusiastic advocate of finding adventures and living them!  I love to work with people who are “up” for big adventures as well; ready to “go for” positive changes in their lives or the way they live them.

“Life is good and it can be great!”

If you want to live your life wholly, and change your “I wish I had’s to Wow! I did’s, I am the perfect coach for you.

I will help you prepare for and compete in a triathlon, coach you not only in nutrition, but also coach you in keeping the rest of your life in balance while you train!

Don’t just dream of being a triathlete, be a Dream Achiever!

I did it-and YOU CAN TOO!

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