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I have been pondering the results of my journey to break up the fallow ground, and wish to take all that I have learned from it and turn those new discoveries into habits!

As I began developing a blog on “habits,” it dawned on me that my wonderful coach has already done that!  So, instead of “re-inventing the wheel” as we say (or re-inventing the blog) I am simply going to direct you to her website.

Meet Jo Christie and now get started, with me, on developing good no, GREAT habits.

10 Days of Real Food, Con’t

My 10 days of real food has ended.  My only slip up was the wonderful slice of warm cinnamon bread from Great Harvest~and it was worth it! 😉

I intend to continue my real food up until Easter and then re-evaluate.  This “ground” has been easier to break up than I thought it would be.  I need a greater challenge…

It does not need to be food related, but probably will be.  What other ground have I not broken up yet?  I am stumped…

Ponder this with me, please, and send any ideas that pop into your head to me.  ALL ideas are welcome!

How are YOU doing with your challenges?  We would LOVE to hear from YOU.

10 days of Real Food

I began eating real food this past Sunday; that makes today, day 5!  My commitment for 10 days is half over.

What has my experience been like?  Great question!  It has actually been easier than I thought it would be.  Best guess, because we have eaten “cleanly” for as long as I can recall.

I have based my food choices from 100 Days of Real Food.  Have you seen their website?  If you have not, please check it out.

I do confess that I ate a chunk of extreme cinnamon bread from Great Harvest last night, after having  finished a run on the AlterG treadmill and had to walk past the Great Harvest Bakery to get to my car.  Cinnamon…mmmm…and since the slice was a free sample, it shouldn’t count?  Right?  Nice try, Janet…  😉

That has been my only slip, and next time I run on the AlterG I promise to  park in the opposite direction!

How are YOU doing with your 10 days of real food?  We would LOVE to hear from you!

Farm Cleaning?

I was suppose to begin my 10 day challenge yesterday but was not ready.  Because I am quite fond of feeling successful, (I’ll bet you are too), I first need to clean out my frig, freezer and pantry.  Why keep food that we do not need, when there are so many people who do!

The pantry was easy; the foods that do not “fit” were obvious.  The frig and freezer have some borderline foods…to keep or not to keep…that is the question.  I finally answered the question~why eat borderline food, when I do not need to?  My question answered by another question, made it clear…

Tomorrow I will go grocery shopping and then Sunday we begin the 10 day eat real food challenge.

Where are YOU in this challenge?  Have YOU begun?  If not, what date will you?  Do YOU know what you need to do to be successful?

Keep writing!  We love your emails.