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“Practice” or “Try?”

I wish to share with you an article written by my running coach extraordinaire, Kathleen Gina, of  2Dogs Running and the Running Fit 501 Club.

Thanks Coach!!!

Practice or Try?
Is it better to practice or just “try it”?
It would be a shame for you to get to your event with the intentions of “trying” something new, or wearing something new and find out that whatever you “tried” did not work out and now you are doing the “death march”.

We are all different, otherwise I would give you a “cookie cutter” menu of the following:
~What to eat and drink before you run
~What to eat and drink while you run
~What to eat and drink after you run
~What to eat and drink when you are not training

Unfortunately for all of us, there is NO “cookie cutter” menu. We all have to experiment on what works best for us. There are some common rules such as the following:

~Everyone should follow the ole “drink 8 – 8oz glasses of fluid a day.”
~You should always be well hydrated when you are training for a half or full marathon.
~You should always eat healthy nutritious food with lots of fruits and vegetables.
~You need glycogen when you run.
~You can increase the glycogen storage in your body by eating right before and after a run.
~You cannot increase your glycogen storage the day before an event.You need to replace electrolytes when you are running more than an hour at time.

It is better to start a run that will last more than an hour with electrolytes than to try and make up for the lost electrolytes in the later miles.
Being well hydrated only on the day of the event negates itself.
There are a million different products that provides electrolytes and it is
up to you to learn which one works for you.
There are a million sources for glycogen (sugar) replacement and it is up
to you to find out which product will work best for you.

You TRAIN so that you can PRACTICE with products, amounts, and the “whens”.
Start TODAY and “try” eating and drinking before you run.
Find out if it helps or if you feel worse by it.
Find out how much water and electrolytes you need while running.  How much makes you feel better, how much or what product makes you feel worse?

Select a glycogen product (sugar) that you can use while running, be careful because some products will elicit diarrhea.

Add to list: clothing, shoes, and fuel belts or bottles. PRACTICE with what you feel you would like to wear for your event, and PRACTICE with the sources for your fuel and how you carry it in the event.

Talk amongst yourselves to gather some great ideas that may also work for you.
There is a wealth of information right beside you at every group run.
Feel free to ask me for advice of hydration and replacements.
Find out the nitty gritty BEFORE you stand at that start line. You will have a much better time.

Happy Running,
Coach Gina