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Got Clutter? Me too!

 Life Design - My Journey to Higher Ground  Thank you for asking for reprints of some newsletters from “years gone by.”  I am pleased to post one for you on the first of each month

As you read this newsletter that I wrote, I am not certain how many years ago, I wish to point you towards a truly amazing clutter coach, Michaeline, The Clutter Busting Coach!

Welcome to the March issue of “Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice.” Here you will find information you can use on a timely topic, healthy eating, recipes and more! I welcome your feedback and questions.  Please send them to Thank you!

March is the month to clear out the clutter!

Isn’t March the perfect month to start Spring Cleaning? Even though we still have snow on the ground (and snow in the air…), here in Michigan, there is just something about March that inspires me to clean…great article in Body and Soul magazine by Christine Redmond in the September 2006 issue called Cut the Clutter! She states, “Digging out from under the piles gets much easier once you figure out how they got there.” She goes on to say, “Your decision to keep or toss an object, conscious or not, is inextricably linked to your emotions, attitudes and personal history.”

There are six major clutter types that Lanna Nakone, author of Organizing for your Brain Type, has identified. You may recognize yourself in one or all six of the types. This is abbreviated info right from the article. For the full article just go here.:


These sentimental types save things for memory’s sake or out of obligation, whether to the giver of a gift, a deceased relative (to respect their passing), or even to the idea of a hobby they’ve long since given up.

*One space clearing solution: Set limits on the space you devote to your nostalgia.

*One maintenance strategy: Reevaluate your stuff yearly and ask yourself whether your possessions are helping you grow. If what you are holding, tethers you to the past in a way that is more limiting than meaningful, let it go.


Waste-nots hesitate to get rid of “perfectly good” objects despite the fact that they are broken, out-of-style, outgrown, or unused. Some do so out of concern for the environment and others equate clearing clutter to throwing cash away.

*One space-clearing solution: Recognize the difference between functional and useful. Just because an item works, doesn’t mean it belongs in your life. Donate it to charity; sell it online, or at a garage sale.

*One maintenance strategy: Repeat the process at the start of every season. Keep a sell or donate box visible to encourage you to streamline.

Time crunchers

Darting from room to room in a flurry of activity, Time crunchers leave themselves little time to stop and put things away properly.

*One space-clearing solution: You may have every intention of cleaning up, but by scrambling to do 10 things at once, nothing gets done. Devote just 15 minutes right now to one task such as folding your laundry.

*One maintenance strategy: Devote five minutes a day to putting things back where they belong. Do this as soon as you get home at the end of the day.


Procrastinators let everyday things like laundry and dirty dishes accumulate. They also put off bigger tasks like cleaning out the garage or putting the summer clothes in storage, opting to deal with them “later.” Later never comes.

* One space-clearing solution: Write out a plan of what to tackle when. Work in stages, committing to one large clutter related task. Reward yourself with a non-clutter related activity.

*One maintenance strategy: Start a habitual habit: sort through your mail as soon as you get it. Load the dishwasher right after dinner (or breakfast or lunch.) Anything that becomes routine, becomes easier. And by keeping the little things in check, the big things don’t become necessary…

Go Getters

These ambitious individuals keep catalogs, class schedules, pamphlets, business cards and other informational sources around the house, planning to delve into them later. They’ll also save unread magazines and newspapers for months, not wanting to “miss” anything (but never finding time to read them).

*One space-clearing solution: Think in terms of shelf life. Recycle any newspapers more than a week old; magazines more than a year old; catalogs more than a season old.

*One maintenance strategy: Tear articles out of a magazine, instead of saving the whole issue. Same with newspapers. Keep files of different types of articles such as: physical fitness, home improvements, new recipes (send me the quinoa ones…) or whatever your personal preferences are.

Stub Savers

Letting go of bank statements, pay stubs, receipts, warranties, and other financial documents is nearly impossible for these accountant types, so the paper piles up endlessly.

*One space-clearing solution: Organize your files so that you can easily find a category such as bank statements, store receipts, church donations. Color code or alphabetize them. Tech-savvy types can scan them into CD’s.

*One maintenance strategy: Use online bill-paying services, shred credit card offers right away, file proactively.

Hmmm…I think I am a Nostalgic and Waste-not. How about you? Write to me,  I would LOVE to know what you have decided!

By the way, I received an excellent newsletter from Simply Organized Home-Spring Cleaning Tips. Check it out here:

My challenge for you this month is to implement one great organizing idea in your home. Which one did you choose and how did it work? Write to me, I would LOVE to hear about it!

Quote for the month: Couldn’t decide between these two quotes, so I offer them both to you:

“Don’t agonize, organize.” By Florynce Kennedy


“If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.” By Louis Parrish.

Healthy eating in March: Watercress!

It just shouts “Spring is almost here!” Watercress is very low in calories and carbohydrates, has more iron in it than spinach, more calcium than milk, more folic acid than broccoli, is packed with vitamins A and C, plus it is a significant source of lysine, arginine, potassium and beta-carotene. The vitamins and minerals in watercress have been shown to reduce the risks of cataracts, coronary artery disease, lung, breast and hormone-related cancers. It is also a natural antibiotic that is especially effective against respiratory and urinary infections. For more information on watercress, just go to It is a great website!

My challenge for you this month is to eat a “bunch” of watercress at least once a week. And…if the Queen does not invite you over for watercress finger sandwiches, try it with quinoa!

Toasted Quinoa with Watercress

Serves 6


1 cup quinoa
1 red pepper, diced
2 green onions, thinly slice
2 Tablespoons olive oil
2 cups water
1/2 cup watercress


1. Rinse quinoa before cooking to remove the coating of a bitter substance called saponins.
2. Sauté quinoa in olive oil, over medium heat, stirring constantly, until quinoa is lightly toasted.
3. Bring water to a boil.
4. Stir in quinoa, cover and simmer 15 minutes.
5. While quinoa is cooking, add red pepper and green onion to the oil, and sauté just a few minutes more.
6. Combine quinoa, red peppers and green onions.
7. Allow quinoa mixture to cool.
8. Tear the watercress into bite-sized pieces and gently fold into quinoa mixture.

Nutrition facts: 114 calories: 15g carbohydrates, 3g protein, 5g fat

There is a God!

Life Design - My Journey to Higher GroundEver wonder if there really is a God?  I think, at times, we may all have…

I now have proof, through the eyes of my six year old grandson, Jimmy:

Jimmy’s latest topic of conversation has been “how we know there is a God.”  This is how our conversation went:

Jimmy: “Gramma, I know there is a God, because you told me so and you always tell me the truth.  And, Gramma, I know how YOU know there is a God.”

Me: “How do I know, Jimmy?”

Jimmy: “Because when your mommy died, after she got to heaven, she climbed up on top of the highest cloud she could find and yelled down, “Hey Jannie!  I know there is a God because I just saw Him with my own two eyes!”

Me: ~tears and a hug~

Thats how we know…

~with tears and a hug~
My mommy’s Jannie

My Journey Continues

Life Design - My Journey to Higher GroundI am glad that you have been enjoying “SuperFoods,” AND that you are wondering where my “journey” has been taking me.  Thank you!

As we finish up August, and adventure into the month of September, I wish to continue “Super Foods” with  BLOGS interspersed with  where I am going in “my journey to higher ground.”

This past month, or so, I have been inspired by the life of a caterpillar…It began with a quote : “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”  ~Richard Buckminster Fuller

As I pondered this quote with my coach, Jo Christie, we became intrigued by what we might become if we “became ” caterpillars (in our journaling) to see where this would lead us…

Now, with this in mind, add to it, an amazing silent prayer retreat that I attended last week-end.  In the opening remarks of the priest (he was the only one permitted to speak), he suggested that we become caterpillars for the week-end and see how we emerge by the end of our retreat!  Wow!  Isn’t that just like God!

So, Friday evening, I became a caterpillar and curled up in my cocoon…by Sunday afternoon, when the retreat ended, I WAS NOT READY TO EMERGE!

Here I am, Wednesday morning, still safe in my cocoon and absolutely enjoying its safety and comfort 🙂  What’s next?  I don’t know…all I do know, is that God is at work within me and is providing me the safety and comfort that I need.


My Imagination

Life Design - My Journey to Higher GroundMy coach, Jo, and I just had a brief email discussion about “imagination.”  Last night I had emailed her:  Jimmy and I have been playing “let’s imagine.”  Oh to have the imagination of a five year old.  Her response was: you do if you allow!!!

Jo is absolutely right!  I just need to ALLOW myself to BE a five year old and imagine….  Wow!  Thanks Jo!

I am going to re-visit my “perfect days” and ALLOW myself to just BE.

This is exciting!!! 

Do YOUR “perfect days” reflect YOUR “imagination?”

How far can YOU s-t-r-e-t-c-h it?

While you are stretching, check out Jo’s newsletter, whch just happens to be on Imagination!