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I Love Eating Locally!

Life Design - My Journey to Higher Ground

I love eating locally; I love playing a game with myself of  “how local can I get!”  So do you!  Thanks for the wonderful emails!

Karen has given me permission to share one of her suggestions with all of you:
Near the end of the season, I ask my favorite farmers (at the Farmers market) for their contact information. Then, after the market season has ended, I stay in touch with them.  One farmer, in particular, has commented how appreciated he feels by this personal contact and his wife loves sharing her favorite farm recipes with me. It encourages me through the cold, winter, Minnesota months to “stay local.”

Wonderful idea, Karen! I know just which farmer I am going to chat with!

What have you been trying to eat more local foods?
We would love to hear from you!

100 miles on Wednesdays

Life Design - My Journey to Higher GroundToday is my first Wednesday on the 100 mile diet.  I had decided to just eat the veggies from our home garden…Early this morning I picked tomatoes, zucchini, kale, cucumbers, and one smallish carrot.

Although I had decided to just eat these vegetables, we do have a local farmer with beautiful chicken eggs.  Why not!  An omelet for breakfast; hard boiled eggs on a veggie salad for lunch; don’t know about dinner yet.  Maybe gazpacho?

I need to find some local grains.  Sure wish quinoa was grown locally!  I wonder???  It is so easy to cook, and I have so many recipes for it!  Salads, soups, side dishes, and even desserts!

Maybe next year I can grow it myself?

How are YOU doing on YOUR 100 mile diet?  What foods are YOU able to find?  What are YOU looking for?

100 Mile Diet

Life Design - My Journey to Higher GroundI need to go to the library and get a copy of the “The100 mile diet.”  It has been awhile since I read it.

So far, I have chosen SATURDAY as my “100” day.  It will be the easiest as I go to the Farmers Market on Saturday morning.  I am beginning the first Saturday after the first day of summer (which is this Sunday, June 21.)  So, I have about a week to figure this out.

I know my 100 mile radius.  (To figure YOURS out, go to 100 mile diet and “click” on “find your 100 miles.”

Now, I need to figure out either 1) what foods are produced in those 100 miles, or 2) what foods do I want to eat and then find those foods or a suitable substitute.

I emailed my book club (we worked on reading and discussing this book together) and asked for their help with this.  Diana Dyer suggested that I make a list of foods and we would brainstorm how to get them.  Thanks Diana!!!  Our next book club meets June 24.  Just in time!

Have YOU found YOUR 100 mile radius?  What foods will YOU be eating?  What “day” have YOU chosen?

Practicing what I preach

Life Design - My Journey to Higher GroundWhat do I preach?  You are what you eat.  Perhaps it would be more accurate to say: You are what you ATE!

Our body is remarkable!  EVERYTHING we put into our mouths becomes part of it…The macronutrients: carbs, protein and fat; the micronutrients: vitamins, minerals, water; and now phytonutrients: including antioxidents which we are learning more and more about each day.

The quality of our food, which affects the quality of our body, begins with how and where the food is grown.  Is it grown locally?  Has it been shipped thousands of miles?  Was it sprayed with pesticides?  How were the animals treated? …and many other questions.

As we continue our exploration of “we are what we ate,” these are all factors to consider.

What are YOU eating today?  That is who you will become…