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Filling up the Space

Many have commented to me that they are overwhelmed with not having enough space in their lives!  It is filled up with work, family, home responsibilities, commitments, challenges, and…well, you get the picture…

Is this a picture of YOU?   It used to be ME!

Now, I am carefully adding back my life to fill up that space, but doing it ever so carefully! I am determined to NOT become overwhelmed with my life again!

Today, I added back some cautiously planned running.  At my rehab facility, they have an anti-gravity treadmill for injured athletes (like me).  I ran for 30 minutes at a 15 minute pace at 55% of my body weight!!!!  It felt wonderful!

The rest of my space, Jesus is in.  I have asked Him to hold it for me so that He can fill it with His perfect Will for my life.  It doesn’t get any better than that!!!!

I am soooo excited to see what He has planned for my space!  🙂 …and because He will be filling it, I know whatever-it-is will be perfect!

What is filling up YOUR space?  Is Jesus in it?  If not, just invite Him in; He is waiting for your invitation.

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Creating Space

I have been away for awhile; with family, with school and with a broken ankle!
It is the broken ankle that has also brought me back…

When my ankle broke, I needed surgery with a painfully long recuperation time of sitting on the couch with my foot up!

I am now able to begin to add my life back…

The obvious came back first; being able to take care of myself, able to drive short distances, able to get around in a wheel chair, walker, knee scooter, or crutch.

I am just now able to teach again and walk short distances…

I am an athlete; mainly a runner with a few triathlons in my past and planned for the future. Not able to include those yet…I am bummed!!!

As I am adding back who I used to be, it occurred to me that perhaps I need to create space, or perhaps allow space in my life for adding something new!  Something that has not been in my life before, perhaps something I have never even dreamed of doing…but God has 🙂

I love the word “create!” In the Bible,  Genesis 1, God created space for the heavens, the sky, the land and the sea (Day 1, 2 and 3.)  After that was completed, He filled in that space with the sun, the moon, the stars, the animals and man (Day 4, 5 and 6).

What I am really  fascinated by, is that while God was doing all that “stuff,” He was also creating space in my life! At the time of creation, He was already thinking about  me…and…He already knew what would be filling in this space.

What is this space filler?  I have no idea; but I can “feel” something trying to make its way into my life 🙂

Walk with me, as I search or perhaps just allow this space to be filled.

What about YOUR life? Are you creating or allowing space? How is it being filled?

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Want to watch the bible study that inspired me to write this blog?

Great! Just go to:




I have been pondering the results of my journey to break up the fallow ground, and wish to take all that I have learned from it and turn those new discoveries into habits!

As I began developing a blog on “habits,” it dawned on me that my wonderful coach has already done that!  So, instead of “re-inventing the wheel” as we say (or re-inventing the blog) I am simply going to direct you to her website.

Meet Jo Christie and now get started, with me, on developing good no, GREAT habits.

10 Days of Real Food, Con’t

My 10 days of real food has ended.  My only slip up was the wonderful slice of warm cinnamon bread from Great Harvest~and it was worth it! 😉

I intend to continue my real food up until Easter and then re-evaluate.  This “ground” has been easier to break up than I thought it would be.  I need a greater challenge…

It does not need to be food related, but probably will be.  What other ground have I not broken up yet?  I am stumped…

Ponder this with me, please, and send any ideas that pop into your head to me.  ALL ideas are welcome!

How are YOU doing with your challenges?  We would LOVE to hear from YOU.