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Eat to Stay Well

It is cold here in Michigan; cold and snowy and windy!  Did I mention it is cold?  🙂
And yet we love to run AND we love to stay healthy!

That is where good nutrition plays a key role in our daily lives; eating the right foods to support our immune system is the key!

What are those foods?  I knew you would ask  😉

We do not ever want to eliminate any healthy foods from our diet; that includes fruits, veggies, whole grains, protein and healthy fats.  We do, however, want to stress the “anti-oxidents” which are Vitamin E, C and Beta-carotene.

The foods highest in Vitamin E are: spinach, apples, apricots, nectarines, peaches, whole grains, nuts, seeds, wheat germ and avocados.

The foods highest in Vitamin C are: citrus fruits, strawberries, cantaloupe, cauliflower, potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, peppers and tomatoes.

The foods highest in Beta-carotene are; yellow, orange and dark green leafy vegetables and fruits.

Which are your favorites from the foods listed?  How often do you eat these foods? Can you increase your servings by one tomorrow?  How about two in the next few days?  Or…try a new one?  Or…a new way of preparing it?

What is your plan to stay healthy this winter?  Even if you do not live in Michigan, winter weather can take a tole on our immune systems.

Eat healthy!  Run well!  Have fun!

Speaking of running, have you a plan for your races this year?  I am going to make a list of mine and will report to you next week.  Please send us yours also!
Maybe we will be running side-by-side!  Now that would be FUN!



Woodstock Run

A few week-ends ago, I ran Woodstock at Hell Creek Ranch, Pinckney, Mi.  It is probably my most favorite race of the year!

You can choose distances that range between a 5K and a 100 mile race.  I chose the 5 mile (and I’ll bet you thought I was going to say 100 mile…)  🙂
The 100 mile is absolutely fascinating to me; there were 125 participants and 65 finishers.  The runners begin on Friday afternoon and have 30 hours to complete the 100 miles.  It is a 16+ mile loop and as they complete each loop there is food and places to leave your extra gear i.e. dry shoes and socks.

The first runner came in at 18 hours, 10 minutes. The last came in at 29 hours 30 Path: pminutes
When I grow up I want to be just like them 🙂

But, for now, since I am not “grown up” and surely not like them…I continue with my own goal.

The swim:  This week I begin with my swim coach.
The bike: With the diminishing daylight, I need to find a cycling group  There are a few at the gym I belong to; just need to find one that fits into my life~or…fit my life into one of them.
The run:  Running in the dark is OK.  I have a headlamp and reflective gear…and actually enjoy running in the morning darkness as I see the light coming over the horizon followed by the sunrise. 🙂 🙂 🙂

How are you doing with YOUR goals??  As some of you have emailed me, I would love to share them with everyone~but ONLY with your permission!  What do you say?



Solstice Run

I ran the Solstice 5K inNorthville this morning;  5K’s  do not have have the excitment that they used to have for me, yet while I am recovering from a stress fracture, I am (pathetically) limiting myself.

It was a good run. Time 42:02 not so good, but I stopped to help a little lost boy crying on the sidewalk.  We found his mom and then I went back to my run. Not sure what my actual time would have been.  I felt strong; passed some people~one was a man on crutches.  Does that count? 🙂 I ran the last mile in 10 minutes 10 seconds and when I finished, had a chill and felt like I was going to throw-up!  Now THAT is a GOOD finish!!

How are YOU doing with your summer competitions?  We would LOVE to hear from you!

You asked :)

I have received a number of emails asking me which races I am looking at.  Thanks for asking! (I live in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area.)

Here is my list; I (probably) won’t do them all.  The * ones are races that I have done before and really enjoyed; plan to do them again. These are all 5K and 10K or further except Northville Road Runner 8K.  It is a trail run at Mayberry State Park.

4/14 Martian (Dearborn)
5/2 RunFit (Novi)
5/6 Burns Park (Ann Arbor)
5/20 Race for Your Memories (Milford)
6/2 Dexter-Ann Arbor (Dexter) Planning on this one for sure
6/9 Flirt with Dirt * (Novi)
6/23 Solstice * Northville
7/4 Hungry Duck * (Brighton)
7/23 Northville Road Runner (Northville)
9/8 Woodstock * (Pinckney)

Which ones are you interested in?  Do you have a list?  We would LOVE for you to share it with us!