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My Lenten Journey

Life Design - My Journey to Higher Ground

The Lenten season began last week with Ash Wednesday marking the beginning of the season of Jesus and His journey to the cross.
In the Christian faith (and perhaps others) it is tradional to “give up” something as our sacrifice to walk this Lenten path.
My Lenten Journey is patterned after my “word” for this year “CLEAN.

Many areas of “clean” are in my journey; Body, Mind, Spirit and Home.  Some are deeply personal and others I wish to shout from the mountain top.

As an athlete, I always strive to exceed my personal best. Last Friday, I began working with Dina Griffin MS, RD, CSSD sports dietitian extraordinaire. She is walking (running?) this journey with me as my guide to becoming more metabolically efficient!

My mountain top shout is not only  about the foods I need to “give up” to become more metabolically efficient, but the foods that will best support my desire to swim, bike and run faster, further and better!

For the specifics of this plan, please see my blog on Nourishing Athletes.  On this blog, Nourish Your Life, I will be pondering the “journey” aspect of it.

Where is YOUR journey taking you today?  Email or “comment” on this page.  We would LOVE to hear from you!

From here to where?

Life Design - My Journey to Higher GroundI have spent the last few weeks “leveling out” on a little bit “higher ground.” I have worked on all of my steps; gratitude, nature and simplicity.  Eliminating tolerations, keeping a gratitude journal, taking hikes in nature, the 100 mile diet (which has been the most fascinating), and many other baby steps that have taken me “higher.”  I then “sat” at this spot for about two weeks-just to observe my higher ground.

I have now become restless to climb higher!! I am thrilled by this discovery!  Thrilled and a little un-nerved by it.  What will the higher ground look like?  What will it take for me to get there? 

Will you go with me?  Are you ready to “climb higher?”  Let’s go!

The last day of June

Life Design - My Journey to Higher GroundIt is the last day of June; I have been climbing to Higher Ground for 30 days now.  Have I made it a little higher?  I wonder…

My stepping stones are nature, simplicity and gratitude;  cemented together by God’s Love and Peace.

The beginning of June, I began with Simplicity by eliminating tolerations.  My first go-through went very well; got rid of alot of “stuff.”  Somehow, though, tolerations have a life of their own, and continue to pop up again.  That’s OK.  Simplicity is not as simple as I thought it would be; I have discovered that it is a process, rather than a goal.

Next, was Nature; eating locally, sustainable foods, choosing foods that are grown within 100 miles of where we live. I am still discovering WHAT foods are grown within 100 miles, but this really has been an adventure! …and I LOVE adventures!

The final “stone” I have worked on is Gratitude.  I truly am grateful for the sunrise and sunset; and “life” in between…Tomorrow, July 1st I begin my Gratitude Journal.

What else will July bring, as I climb a little higher? 

How was YOUR month of June?  How did YOU climb “a little higher?”  What will July bring for YOU?

Gratitude-on higher ground

Life Design - My Journey to Higher GroundWhat will take me a step higher on “gratitude?”  I used to keep a “gratitude journal,” but somehow got away from it.

It is time to go back…just as a tiny step higher…

I recall the quote, “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is Thank You, it will be enough.”  ~Miester Eckhart

Today I will find my Gratitude Journal, or perhaps buy a brand new one, and – before I go to bed, write three things I am grateful for.  This is JUST the beginning…and I am grateful to begin…

How about YOU?  Do YOU have a Gratitude Journal?  How will YOU begin?