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Being Open To Possibilities

Life Design - My Journey to Higher Ground O.K., So what-the-heck does “being open to possibilities” mean?

I probably heard that on Oprah, or read it in one of my self-improvement books!  (It’s too bad that just reading those books doesn’t automatically “improve me.”  Or-better yet, as I look at my bookcase, just BUYING them…;)

My Perfect Day?  I have thought, journaled, a lot about that.

In order to get all of my “perfect elements” into it, my day would have to be A WEEK LONG!  How else could I do an Ironman triathlon; go to Farmers Market; run up and down hills with my grandchildren; go for an all day hike, with friends, in the wilderness-as long as the wilderness has indoor plumbing; lay on my hammock; go to the Spa; spend the day in solitude and prayer; see what I am saying???

Does my “perfect day” need to be realistic?

And, by the way, does everyone in my day need to be “perfect” also?

What have YOU discovered about possibilities and perfect days?

Let’s stay together as we explore these questions…

Gratitude for our Earth

What do you think of when you think of “the earth?”  Mother Earth?  The Good Earth?  Earth Day? 

I think of the gifts of our planet  that she so wonderously and generously provides us; with or without our gratitude.

Today is not Earth Day.  Earth Day is in April.  April 22, I believe.  There are many events that occur on Earth Day; and our earth certainly deserves a day of her own to be celebrated.  But, why not celebrate our earth every day?  It does not need to be a “great celebration.”  A few minutes of gratitude for Mother Earth each morning as we wake, each evening as we drift off to sleep…

Do you have more than a few minutes?  Maybe ten?  I read a great article by Karen Talavera named Ten Minutes for Planet Earth. I invite you to read it, and consider how YOU will honor and thank our Mother Earth for ALL that she does for us.  Without her, where would we be?