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Metabolic Efficiency Training

As I write this blog, I am listening to (and kind of watching) the movie “Chariots of Fire!”  For as many times as I have watched it, I am still inspired by the pure determination and sacrifice of these runners!  Have you seen this movie?  If not, it is a “must see” for any of you determined to exceed your personal best!

Speaking of personal best, I am determined to exceed mine, by becoming metabolically efficient!  I am working with Dina Griffin MS, RD, CSSD, sports dietitian extraordinaire!
Check out the website Fuel4mance to see the work of Bob Seebahor and Dina Griffin.

I began with Dina last Friday with learning the basics and creating a plan with her. There are specific foods to eat for different “cycles” of training.  I am in the Preparatory cycle and so I am making different food type choices than when I am in the Competition, Taper or Transition cycle.

The bottom line of this plan is to train your body to “burn more fat and conserve precious carbohydrate stores while reducing the likelihood of GI distress.” Bob Seebohar; Metabolic Efficiency Training.

I am soooo excited to be working with Dina and learning how to become more Metabolic Efficient!!!

Stay tuned as I track my progress in this new endeavor.

Better yet, join me in it!


Sports Injury, con’t (big sigh)

Thank you so much for all of your inquiries, well wishes and prayers for recovery from my stress fracture.  They have helped so very much!

Thank you, Annie, for requesting an update as she is also grounded due to a stress frature…

I have been working with Coach Ron Warhurst and Earl Wenk of the Running Institute.  I am impressed that I even know them, much less that they would work with “me!”
Each week, they check my medical progress, my stretches and my ability to run/walk , on grass (low impact) with/without(?) pain.

My nutrition has been excellent, to encourage healing.  Have you seen the handout for Sports Injuries?  It is well worth checking it out.

For fractures, the recommendations are:

Calcium for bone formation
Top sources are non-fat yogurt, collard greens, and broccoli
Vitamin D
to promote calcium absorption
Top sources are oysters, button mushrooms, sardines and SUNSHINE!
  to support bone structure
Top sources are beans, spinach, and green beans
Folate which counters homocysteine, linked to increased risk of fracture
Top sources are beans, spinach and broccoli
Vitamin K
to enhance mineral-binding capacity of bone proteins.
The top sources are collard greens, spinach and broccoli

For more information see “Anti-Injury Eating” in the archives

Between the expertise of Coach Warhurst and Earl and healthy nutrition (plus your concerns, well wishes and prayers) I am back on my feet, running slowly~about 2 miiles now.  Whew!  At least, I am running again!

Coach and Earl have gone back to working with the Olympic runners; thanks so much for all your help.  You are the best!

The half-marathon that I WAS training for is this week-end.  Will I run it?  Nope!  Not risking further injury Am I “bummed?” Yep!, I sure am…Will I train for another half?  I have already begun~planning on one this Fall.  I don’t know which one yet; any suggestions?

 How is YOUR training going? What are YOU training for?  We would LOVE to hear from YOU:)

Sports Injury

I am “bummed!”  I am more than “bummed,” whatever that is!

I am five weeks away from running the half marathon in the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run, and my trainer + physical therapist + running coach have all grounded me…
I wouldn’t listen to just one of them; all three had to tell me that the pain in my leg was either a stress fracture, muscle trauma or BOTH!

How did I manage to do this?  First of all, by commiting the “terrible too’s;”  running too far, too often and too fast.  Second contributing factor is that I am a small person with small feet; (my PT called them “dainty”~ I have never heard THAT one before.)
My feet do not absorb impact like “normal” feet do, and because of the “terrible too’s,” my leg muscles also were not absorbing impact well enough to protect the tibia.  Results~injury!

Cure? Total rest from impact exercise.  How long?  MAYBE as long as 6-8 weeks!!!  AGH!  I can’t stand that thought!

I can keep up my endurance by cycling, swimming, stair climbing, eliptical and other low-impact activities, but that is just not the same as RUNNING!

For those of you who are runners, you know what I am saying…it is that “God is in His Holy Temple; all is right with the world” feeling…
And…it is that “feeling” that comes from running that I am truly yearning for…

Is God still in His Holy Temple?  Of course, He is…
And as soon as I get my running shoes back on, “all will be right with the world.”

Boston Marathon~Here I Come

Today was the 115th Boston Marathon.  I had three friends compete in it this year; they were awesome!  Leslie finished at 3:43:32, Dina at 3:24:55 and Betsy at 3:46:54.  They are so impressive, that I want to become “one of them!”
So, mark your calendars, everyone; I intend to compete two years from today!  Can’t wait!  My training is in place and I have an amazing group to run with, and three even more amazing coaches!!!  I have no choice but to succeed..(.especially with Coach Warhurst kicking my you-know-what… 🙂  My other two coaches, Jeff and Earl, are as passionate about my success as Coach Warhurst is, but there is something about him…just ask his Olympic runners…

My first goal is the Dexter-Ann Arbor half marathon on June 5 and maybe another half at Woodstock in September.  Then, probably a full in the Fall or next Spring; not certain~what do you think?

What are YOUR running goals?  Let’s run together,  shall we? Are you ready?  Let’s go!

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