Junkyard Janet

We have all heard the saying; “God doesn’t make junk”.

I am living proof that it is true…

It was February 11, 1985; a cold and snowy day. I remembered my Gramma White saying,  “Never let the weather change your plans”, so off I went to do some grocery shopping and to have lunch with some friends at our church.

As I traveled the two-lane snow and ice covered road, heading back home, I could see an appliance van coming toward me. In an effort to give him plenty of room, I pulled over to the side of the road. As I did, my car hit ice, his van did too and we hit each other in a forceful head-on collision.  While wearing a seat belt saved my life, it did not save me from harm. I was thrown to the floor of the mini-van; the seat belt staying fastened. The force of the collision broke my arm, my ribs ; injured my knees and legs. The seat belt cut across my stomach causing many internal injuries. Trapped on the floor of my mini-van, my seat belt still fastened, I was unable to move.

Someone, having witnessed the accident, called 911. Thank you!

Now, to make a long story short… The emergency vehicles arrived and much commotion followed. The miserable weather, other vehicles stopping to help, my daughter’s school bus, people trying to assist in any way they could, all added to the confusion.  Still trapped on the floor, I suddenly felt the mini-van shift and move. “We” were going someplace – I didn’t know where.

After several minutes of traveling, I felt the mini-van jolt to the ground. Not knowing where I was, not knowing that “we” had been towed to a junkyard; frightened and in extreme pain,

I cried “Dear Lord Jesus, save me”.

Over and over again, I prayed,

“Dear Lord Jesus, save me”.

And He did!

A “man” walking through the junkyard, looking for parts for his car, heard a noise coming from a vehicle. Thinking it was a radio, he walked over to my mini-van. When he opened the door, there I was, covered with ice and snow.

The “noise” he had heard was my prayer for help.

Despite all of our efforts, this man who saved me was never found.

Was he a man or an Angel?  I am sure that I know 🙂

An ambulance soon arrived. After much effort, the paramedics extricated me from my mini-van and transported me to the hospital.  I remember how cold I was.

I remember how much I hurt. I remember being taken into surgery.

I remember being surrounded by family and friends, all praying for me.

I was in and out of the hospital for a number of years. I still have the scars on my body and the scars on my mind – my memories of that day.

sports nutrition athletesBut most important of all, I have the confidence of knowing that God has put me on this earth for a reason; His reason., and I pray that I live my life to fulfill His plan, His purpose, His reason; for He is my Maker;

And God doesn’t make junk!

~ Janet Simpson

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