Eating and Exercise

Eating before exercise


  • Burn carbs instead of muscle
  • Increase motivation
  • More endurance
  • Perform better
  • Increased brain function


  • 2-4 hours before your work-out


  • 400-800 calories


  • High carb, low fat, moderate protein
  • 10-16 oz of water or sports drink 2 hrs before work-out

Eating during exercise (if more than 1 hour)

Fluids, carbs, electrolytes

  • Fluids
    5-12 oz every 15 minutes
    (if you sweat heavily-higher amt)
  • Carbs
    30-60 grams every hour
    sports drinks, energy bars, gels, regular foods i.e. jelly beans
  • Electrolytes
    Look for a sports drink that contains 50-250 mg sodium
    Foods- (potassium) banana, orange, raisins (sodium) fat-free chips or pretzels

Thought?  Where are you going to store your food????

Eating after exercise

  • Fluids-immediately after! Give energy to your muscles and remove waste products
  • Carbs-within 30 minutes! 100-300 calories of sports drink, milk, juice.
  • Protein-within 45 minutes! 30-100 calories lean protein
  • Ratio of 3 gm carb:1 gm protein
  • Larger meal about 2-3 hours post exercise include healthy fats

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