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My One Word~CLEAN!

Life Design - My Journey to Higher Ground

I have thought alot about my “word” CLEAN…and so I give to you my outline of what CLEAN will look like to me.

CLEAN in body, mind, Spirit and home (including EMU office)

1. Lose 5 pounds
2. Detox
3. Exercise

1. Read
2. Write
3. Imagine

1. Pray
2. Scriptures
3. Meditate

1. Clean (EMU) office
2. Clean whole house
3. Redecorate

My outline is much more detailed than this one; if you wish to know the whole outline, just email me at janet@nourishyourlife.com and I would be glad to send you a copy of it.

If you wish to discover how you can become CLEAN also, I encourage you to go to
http://clutterbustingcoach.com/ .  This is where I “go to” for true help and inspiration!  While you are at it, why not sign up for a complimentary coaching session with Michaeline! Trust me; she is THE BEST! After you see the results of one complimentary session, I guarantee you will want more !

How can I best support YOU, now.  What will help you the MOST in my blogs?
Please email me janet@nourishyourlife.com or post a comment; I LOVE hearing from you!

Connecting with nature

We are now “balanced” and “decluttered”, right?  Right!  (If almost “right”, please check out the past three posts: Is Your Life Balanced; Clutter Busting in July and Clutter Busting, con’t.

Now, how is your connection with nature?  How often are you able to get outside???  When you are outside, what is your favorite past time?  Do you go for long walks in the woods?  Lay on your hammock and day dream?  Run? Bike? Swim? Play in your garden?  The list can go on…and on…and on…

In the May 2008 issue of “Self Healing”, Dr. Andrew Weil tells us “Being active outdoors benefits both body and mind..”  Dr. Weil goes on to say,” Americans are becoming increasingly disconnected from nature, according to a study published in February.  Researchers looked at trends in various measures of  “nature-based recreation, such as visits to national  parks and forests and time spent hiking and camping. Since the late 1980’s, the percentage of  of Americans taking part in these activities has fallen by about one percent annually.  The cumulative effect of this slow but steady decline is dramatic:  Participation levels are down 18-25% in a single generation! “

Have YOU found yourself outside less often and in front of the TV or computer more often?  It is not to late to get outside in the summer warmth and enjoy nature!!!!  Connect with your surroundings, your parks, your playgrounds, your own backyard…  Your body and mind (and may I add, Spirit) will thank you for it!