Do You (think you) Want To Be A Triathlete?

I did too!


Because I need another T-Shirt?

Probably not…

It was simply because I wanted to improve my physical fitness…and at 57 years old, there was a lot of room for improvement! After six months of training, I successfully complete the Island Lake Triathlon.

Was it easy?  Heck NO!  I trained hard and long; and could tell you”stories” around the “campfire” all night!

Was it worth it?  You bet it was!  I did it and YOU can too!

Question #1: Why do YOU want to be a triathlete?

I was already a great bicyclist and good swimmer. Running…that was a whole different story…I could run for two minutes on a treadmill during interval training; but that was about it!

Question #2: What are your strengths and weaknesses in the tri sports?

I wasn’t sure what it would take to be a triathlete; not even sure what the distances were or where they were done. So, I asked around and learned that there is a GREAT website that lists the information for all of the triathlons, (both locations and distances) in the United States! The web address is As I checked out the different races, it seemed best to choose one late summer and the shortest distance (called a sprint tri.) It was close to home, which was an added bonus.

Question #3: Which tri will work best for you?

I had about six months to train, but really didn’t know how to go about it! I had, and still have, a great personal trainer. I told him about my goal and he said, “I know you can do it, Janet; we will start today!!! Wow!! I am actually going to do it!

How do you find a personal trainer?

One of the best websites with questions to ask  is the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s website

I am often asked how I found my trainer; this is my story:

I had joined a fitness center with great intentions of faithfully working out. (Get the picture?) …and at first-I was…But, as time went on, I found myself frequenting the fitness center less and less often-I just wasn’t getting the results I had planned on. Perhaps a trainer was what I needed? But which one…I knew what I didn’t want, but wasn’t sure what I did.

So, I watched and listened to the different trainers and how they worked with their client. Some trainers merely “grunted” in reply to a client; some spent too much time talking about themselves instead of the client’s progress. Other trainers simply told the client what to do and then went on to someone else.

I noticed this one trainer, however, that really seemed to listen to his clients; there was something about the way he interacted with them. Although he listened and respected what they told him; he still held them accountable for the goals they had set!

AHA! That was what I needed!

To be accountable to someone who would truly listen to me but still hold me accountable!!!

Jeff has been my trainer for almost five years now. I don’t know what I would do without him. HE IS THE BEST!

Question #4: Will you use the help of a personal trainer or work-out your own schedule?

Now it is time to put together a plan! Without a trainer, there are many websites that can help you. Check out my site’s resource center to get started.

Question #5: What is YOUR plan?

Now that you know WHY you want to be a triathlete and you have the tools that you need; are you ready to begin your adventure? How may I best support you? If not now; then when?

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